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The basics of solar power:  
Solar power from the sun is free and inexhaustible. This vast, clean energy resource
represents a viable alternative to the fossil fuels that currently pollute our air and water,
threaten our public health, and contribute to global warming. Failing to take advantage of such
a widely available and low-impact resource would be a grave injustice to our children and all
future generations

Using solar power to produce electricity is based on Photo voltaic (PV) technology. A solar
panel (PV panel) is made of the natural element, silicon, which becomes charged electrically
when subjected to sun light.
The four primary components for producing electricity using solar power, which provides
common 120 volt AC power or 240 volts for daily use are: Solar Panels, Charge Controller,
Battery and Inverter.

Solar panels charge the battery, and the charge regulator insures proper charging of the
battery. The battery provides DC voltage to the inverter, and the inverter converts the DC
voltage to normal AC voltage. If 240 volts AC is needed, then either a transformer is added or
two identical inverters are series-stacked to produce the 240 volts.
About Us
Our Mission
Our mission is to bring solar products and services to your door with proven quality, best
value and low cost.
Our flagship products including:
•        Solar charger kit for cell/mobile, laptop, iPods
•        Solar flashlight
•        Solar lantern and light/lamp table
•        Solar Cooker
•        Solar Mosquito Killer
•        Solar Power Generator for house/office lights & appliances
•        Solar well pump
•        Complete solar home high efficiency installation package.
•        Solar compound light
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Keeping with our tradition of offering professional services and quality products, we guarantee that if you are not
100% satisfied with our products, we will refund your money. All products have one year limited warranty. Prices are
subject to change without notice. We support our Solar products with repair and parts services.

Sunrise Solar Technology products are all accredited to the internationally recognized standard ISO 9001 Quality
Management System and we are committed to maintaining all these standards.


 Solar Light Create New Life